排序 原料名称 CAS 号. 采购数量 原料规格 备 注
1 对氨基苯甲醚 104-94-9 整柜
2 三光气 32315-10-9 整柜
3 三苯基膦 603-35-0 整柜
4 3,4,5-三氟苯乙酸 500kg以上
5 西洛多辛中间体 239463-85-5 50-100kg
6 西洛多辛中间体 160969-03-9 50-100kg
7 半光胺盐酸盐 156-57-0 整柜

Beijing Lunarsun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the import registration in NMPA and distribution of API in China. It has successfully approved and applied dozens of API products including Ticagrelor, Ambroxol Hcl and Itraconazole etc till now. 
We’d like to cooperate with API worldwide outstanding manufacturers approved by EU health agency or USFDA etc. to develop the large Chinese market. Pls do not hesitate to contact us to find more cooperation opportunities. 

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