R&D center
Our R&D center now is located in Changping district in Beijing city, with over 40 technicians, one of them is postdoctoral, and 8 have master degree and rest of them have college licenses. Now, our center covers an area of 3,500sqm, including 800sqm of synthesis lab, 60sqm of preparation room, 300sqm of analysis room, 300sqm of pilot-scale experimental lab, offices and warehouse. Synthesis lab is equipped with refrigeration equipments, several rotary evaporators (5L-20L), glass reaction kettles (50L, 100L), centrifuges and large-scale vacuum drying ovens; analysis room owns several LC (two of them are diode array detector and differential refraction detector respectively), GC, polarimeter, melting point apparatus, ultraviolet spectrometer, moisture teller and stability test box, etc; preparation room is well equipped with several lab test machines such as tablet machine, coating pan, emulsion machine and freezing dryer, etc.

Our R&D can offer you such services:
R&D of synthetic method of chemical drugs.
Development of synthetic method of custom products or the processing of products
R&D and declaration of new drugs of China or generic products
Declaration agency of import registration
Registration agency of DMF, EDMF, COS and technical service
Compiling and training of DMF, CGMP